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Learn 3D art at the pace of your own home. That sounds like a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning 3D hand impressions! Having one-on-one teaching with experienced faculty and the flexibility to learn at your own pace is valuable for mastering such skills. The studio offers a certified course and provides the necessary materials, it can be a fantastic way to enhance your knowledge and expertise in the field of 3D modelling. I hope those who enroll in the course find it rewarding and beneficial!

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Experience the magic of 3D hand and foot impressions with us. Our online and classroom workshop provides all the materials needed to create an exquisite 3D impression of your hand, delivered right to your doorstep, along with a manual, plus instructional videos with demonstrations to ensure the perfect result.

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Details for Online Workshop

  • Once you enroll in our workshop, we will provide you the details about the material.  It has enough material for your hands-on experience and also for you to practice it later on.​

  • During the online workshop there will be detailed demonstrations and presentation in which everything is written in detail along with the pictures, to make it easy for you to learn. 

  • Its a fun interactive session and is nothing like a lecture . You will also do hands-on side by side in front of the faculty​

  • Post – workshop, this presentation will be emailed to you along with the video tutorials of every single step.​

  • You can start taking impression from the very next day after you complete our course. The main journey starts once you start trying it on your own. You can share the results whenever you try, so that we can guide you properly about your mistakes for you to get better at it. This process will go on till you are able to take refined impressions and mostly it takes a week time for a beginner to get pro at it!

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plaster casting kit   plaster casting kit  plaster casting kit  plaster casting kit  plaster casting kit    plaster casting kit

hand foot casting near me  hand foot casting near me   hand foot casting near me  hand foot casting near me  

newborn hand and feet moulds  newborn hand and feet moulds   newborn hand and feet moulds  newborn hand and feet moulds

newborn hand and feet moulds  newborn hand and feet moulds

newborn hand and feet moulds

family hand mould  family  

hand and foot casting near me

hands and feet casting near me

online 3d modeling classes

online 3d modeling course

3d artist course online

3d art courses online

3d hand impressions

3d impressions

3d painting course

3d artist online course

3d art

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