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Baby hands and feet casting have become a popular keepsake and are a unique way of capturing those special memories of your child whilst they are still young. When it comes to your own baby, you want to remember those tiny, perfect little hands and feet. This is how we do it: cast your baby's tiny hands and feet. Preserve a hand-cast complete with lines, creases, and nails with this exceptional life casting.

Done more than 500+ cast, due too space issues on site just uploading an iota of our handcast done.

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Do you know about baby 3d casting for hand and foot Impressions?
Baby 3d casting means hand and foot impression made with 3D plaster hand mould. Moulding baby hands feet and baby hand foot casting help to preserve the memories of baby hand and foot impression for entire life. Baby hand foot casting was done at Urja lifecasting Studio. We used 3D plaster hand mould for making baby 3d casting & hand and foot Impressions. Moulding baby hands feet and baby 3d casting procedure take half an hour. Hand and foot Impressions you can collect the very next day after baby hand and foot casting. Baby hand foot casting is suitable for all ages.  Everybody can make a 3D plaster hand mould from Urja lifecasting Studio. 3D plaster hand mould Procedure technique has the same as the baby hand foot casting procedure. 3D plaster hand mould also used non-toxic and non-allergic material. Moulding baby hands feet are given with base or without the base. You can choose the wooden or metallic base for moulding baby hands feet. Prices of baby 3d casting remains the same but the base price of moulding baby hands feet can fluctuate according to your choice. 

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