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Grandparent's hand casting offers a unique way of preserving their memories for long. The presence of grandparents in one's life is the greatest blessing that one can have. They play the role of parents, teachers, and friends. To preserve the physical blessings of perfect people, we bring you the impressions in glossy, metallic avatar to match their sparkle of love, for they deserve nothing less.

Do you want your baby hand and foot print?
Baby hand and foot print or baby hand and leg print made at Urja life casting Studio. Baby hand and leg print means impression of baby hand and leg impression.  Baby hand and leg print or baby hand and foot print made with non allergic and non dusty material.  You get all baby hand and leg impression or baby hand leg print & baby hand and foot print and grandparents hand print under one roof of urja life casting studio.  Grandparents hand print and baby hand print made with same material, even,  the technique of grandparents hand print & baby hand print are also almost same. Grandparents hand print save their blessing for whole life.  Besides, grandparents hand print,  baby hand print makes alive lovely childhood memories with the help of baby hand and leg impression.  Baby hand and foot print  looks same as baby hand and leg impression.  Baby hand and leg print procedure takes 1 hour.  Baby hand print and baby hand and leg impression made at Urja life casting studio by doctors.
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