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Life Casting by 3D Hand Impression

At 3D Hand Impression we were passionate about Preserving memories and from babies to the entire family including Grandparents, siblings, Couple casting, Friends casting, Pregnant bellies etc. Our Life cast are the exact replicas of the First Impression of human body. You can make Hand impression of your baby and preserved in stone to touch hold for generations, You can also display First Impression of you baby on your home,as a sort of memories. We Use Life casting material which are non- toxic and non-allergic. Life casting material creates exact sculpture of the body part. Our First Impressions involves casting of the Hand impression, hand and feet impressions in metal finishes like gold, sliver and bronze and their variants & framing them to make memorable keepsake for life. First Impressions not only great for personal joys but make the most emotional and special gifts as they find a place of pride in the receiver's home & heart. 3D Hand Impression uses the best Life casting material for different casting. First Impression the touch of the feet and Hand Impressions of your parents, respected Family member or even your learned gurus is very special to you. Life casting is a beautiful portal that takes you back in time to cherish your lovely memories by using life casting material. The variety of life casting material use for making different stages of Life casting process.

Hand Impression

For more details:

Website: 3D Hand Impression

Watsap on: +91-8699969619

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