2 Casts From Rs.2000/-

Love Frame From Rs.2000/-

4 Casts+Photo From Rs.4500/-

  Family tree

6 Casts from- Rs.7000/-

8 Casts from-Rs.9000/-

Linked Hands Unframed

4 Hands- Rs.7000/-

5 Hands-Rs.9000/-

6 Hands-Rs.9800/-

1 Stone Cast From Rs.2000/-

Adult & Child clasping

Stone  cold metal

Rs.2000    Rs.4000

Cradle Feet From Rs.2000/-

2 Casts+Photo From Rs.3500/-

4 Casts From Rs.4000/-

Nurture From Rs.2000/-

Sibling Feet From Rs.2000/-

Sibling hands From Rs.2000/-

1 Cold metal Cast From Rs.2000/-

Adults clasping Hands

Stone  cold metal

Rs.2000    Rs.4000

Save your moments with baby Hand impression and hand and feet casting. These casting Hand impression having become popular keepsake and are a unique way of capturing those special memories of your child whilst they are young. Castings like Hand impression and hand and feet casting is a feel you want to cherish in your heart forever. We can provide casting like Hand Impression and hand and feet casting at very reasonable prices. You can get these casting like Hand impression from 3D hand impressions. We use non toxic and non allergic material for these casting Hand impression or hand and feet casting. We provide life casting material at very cheap price. We use non toxic and non allergic life casting material  . Looking for life casting material for making first impression or hand and feet casting for near and dear ones. Just visit on 3D Hand impressions. Remembering the memories of your little ones by doing first impression by using life casting material .  Capture your moments with hand and foot impression using life casting material. Get first impressions from 3D hand impressions. Preserve the memory of your baby first impression. Get your first impression done by searching family hand casting near me.

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